pictures of hemmroids in women

A hemmroid is an enlargement of veins located in the lower section of the digestive tract specifically in the rectal area of the body. This condition results in severe pain that greatly affect the day to day activities of the patient. Individuals having hemmroids experience difficulty in walking, sitting, or even cleaning the rectal area.

Common symptoms of hemmroids include the following:

• Rectal pain before and after bowel movement.
• Swelling and redness in the anus.
• Constant itching in the anal area.
• Bleeding during bowel movement and the presence of blood in the stools.

Hemmroids are commonly caused by constipation. The friction of dry and hard stools during bowel movement causes the person to strain which leads to increased in pressure in the anal canal. This causes the blood vessels in the rectum to swell as blood rushes to that area. During defecation, the hard stools may rupture these enlarged veins which results to bleeding.

There are two types of hemmroids namely the internal and external hemmroids. Bleeding during defecation characterizes the internal hemmroids. Noticeable nodules in the open area of the rectum which are painful to touch characterize the external hemmroids. These nodules are cause by blood clots inside the hemmroids.

The following are recommended home treatments that can relieve common symptoms of hemmroids:

1. Eat food rich in fiber such as leafy vegetables, fruits, and wheat bread.
2. Drink enough amount of water every day, normally six to eight glasses a day.
3. Engage in physical activities. Exercise helps in blood circulation and can ease the discomfort experienced due to pressure.
4. Have warm sitz bath for about ten to fifteen minutes every day. This will help reduce swelling and discomfort.

People suffering from hemmroids are advised to make an appointment with a medical professional. The doctor will inquire about the symptoms experienced and will conduct physical examination.

On the other hand, when self care treatments are not enough, the doctor will conduct a particular medical treatment. The doctor may place small rubber bands around the affected area to reduce the blood flow and will eventually remove the hemorrhoids. In severe cases, however, surgery is conducted. This will work to eliminate the hemorrhoids and give relief to the patient.

When you are experiencing hemmroids, it is advisable to discuss your problem with your doctor. He or she will be able to help and give you effective treatments to your condition.

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