Hemmroids involve the swelling of the veins located in the anal canal of the body which results in pain and discomfort to the person suffering this condition. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include severe pain, itch and redness in the area of the rectum, and bleeding during bowel movement. Many individuals having this problem experience difficulty in walking, sitting, or even cleaning the rectal area.
Two types of hemmroids include the internal and external hemmroids. Symptoms of internal hemmroids include bleeding during defecation. Some mucus deposits might be experienced in the anal area as well.

Noticeable hard nodules in the open area of the rectum characterize the external hemmroids. These can cause extreme pain just by mere touch as they are results of blood clots inside the hemorrhoids

The following is a list of herbal medicines that can be used as home treatments for relieving hemmroids:

1. Dandelion
• It is commonly taken as tea.
• It contains vitamins which aid in bodily processes.
• It softens the stools and prevents constipation.
• It can be made into a tonic which can treat hemmroids.

2. Aloe Vera
• It contains gibberlin, a hormone known to promote skin regeneration.
• It is known to relieve hemmroid pain fast by applying it on the affected area.
• It has laxative property that aids easy passage of stools during defecation.
• Its cooling effects and its healing property make it famous for treating inflammations like burns, abrasions and cuts.

3. Psyllium Seeds
• They are rich in fiber and can greatly help in smooth bowel movement as they help make stools softer.
• They are commonly used as they are readily available in stores.
• When included in daily diet, they can help relieve hemmroids and aid less painful bowel movement during constipation.

4. Butcher’s Broom
• It is usually made into a tonic or tea.
• It can be taken internally or applied externally to treat hemmroids.
• It functions as a vascular strengthener which helps repair ruptured walls of blood vessels in hemmroids.
• It also known to help problems of varicose veins.

5. Horsetail
• It is rich in collagen which is known for its healing properties.
• It has long been used to treat hemmroid bleeding.
• It is also known to stop bleeding for heavy menstruation, dengue, anthrosis and renal colic.

As we have discussed so far, we have learned that there are medicinal herbs readily available in our garden or the nearest store that we can use to treat ailments and problems like hemmroids. These herbal medicines are natural and inexpensive and can lessen our worries about spending much in finding relief through expensive synthetic medicines that can give us the same result.

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