cure for bleeding hemorrhoids

Cure for bleeding hemorrhoids is actually not very complicated. There are  home remedies, clinical treatment and also surgery to cure this condition.

In your quest to search for a cure for bleeding hemorrhoids, you should consider the following

  • Avoid constipating and straining the bowel. This can be done by eating more fibrous food. This includes bran, fruits and vegetables. Also, ensure that you are properly hydrated
  • Soothe the hemorrhoid with a sitz bath. A sitz bath is really handy to cleanse the hemorrhoid area. This will reduce the time for the hemorrhoid to cure.
  • Ask your doctor to perform rubber band litigation. This procedure stops the blood flow to the hemorrhoid. This will stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling.
  • Ask your doctor to perform infrared coagulation. This procedure is the same concept as rubber band litigation.
  • Do surgery. Surgery involves making an incision on the hemorrhoid to take out the blood clot. It is a very effective cure for bleeding hemorrhoids.

Also, be sure to consult your doctor for more information on how to cure bleeding hemorrhoids.

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4 thoughts on “cure for bleeding hemorrhoids

  1. I have been had this for a week now bleeding evertime i go use the rest room for number two,there is blood,i have not strain or anything so what could be the problem?I have had a colon already this year and did not fine anything.

  2. Thanks Carlene, you’ve gone out of your way to assist my diagnosis. I suppose after all I have eaten too many spicy buffalo wings and too large a juicy steak. I’m glad I know now what’s going on, thanks. I thought I was going to die soon or something, thanks.

  3. Hemorrhoids make life a misery. I am just 32 years old and have been suffering with them for nearly 5 years. I have come to the conclusion that diet seems to be what triggers my affliction to them. Sometimes when I eat really rich foods they flare up making me feel terrible. I also have two small children and when I am suffering I cannot do the simplest of things like playing ball with them in the yard – it really gets me down. Yes, I know, there are treatment options available and believe me when I say I have tried them all from suppositories to creams but nothing touches it. I have to avoid certain foods and drinks being the only way I can seem to control it (red wine is a nightmare for some reason?!). Even though through diet I have some degree of control at the back of my mind I know that it is always there and having to watch what you eat is really annoying. I have been looking at this home remedy , but before I embark upon yet another ‘natural’ method of ridding myself of hemorrhoids I wondered whether anyone here has made use of it and does it actually cure the problem? I would really like to find something which works so I can go on living my life like I used to. Any help or pointers would be gratefully received – thanks guys.

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