symptoms of bleeding hemroids

Symptoms of bleeding hemroids indicates that the vein in the anal or rectal area are ruptured or swollen. If the symptoms are not treated, you will face imminent extreme pain. Thus, immediately consult a doctor once you detect symptoms of bleeding hemroids.

Curing the bleeding hemroid as soon as possible will reduce the possibility of further infection that will cause greater pain. Among the common symptoms of bleeding hemroids are

  • blood stain on the underwear
  • blood appear to drip from the anus
  • blood appearing along with stool

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  1. I’m 27 years old and am a fairly healthy guy. I’ve had hemorrhoids on and off for about seven years. I got my first thrombosed hemorrhoid this year. I got IRC (infrared coagulation) twice, and I still have problems. Doctors just say eat high fiber and drink lots of water, but it doesn’t seem to help. I fast (go long periods without eating at all) as a result. Now, I fast fairly regularly and have lost 35 pounds in the last three months. Now I have “thrombosed hemorrhoid No. 2,” and I’m just exhausted, both physically and mentally at the intense pain I feel every day. The few things that work for me are: –Over-the-counter Preparation H suppositories (usually too painful to insert though) –Lidocaine (seems to numb a little bit) –Not eating (gives the whole mess down there time to figure out what it wants to do and heal) I learned the hard way that sleeping pills and oxycontin are no good. Taking narcotics for pain is a terrible idea, and please don’t do it. It will 100% cause constipation, which in turn will cause more pain, which sucks. So, in short, don’t be afraid to fast, and don’t take narcotics for the pain. It will hurt you so much more, and you will hate yourself for sabotaging yourself in the healing process.

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