external thrombosed hemorrhoids

external thrombosed hemorrhoids is a condition when a blood clot is developed in an external hemorrhoid. As a result of the blood clot, the free flow of blood from the hemorrhoid to other parts of the skin is blocked. This causes the hemorrhoid to become thrombosed and swell.

Sufferers of external thrombosed hemorrhoids will tell you that it is one of the most painful experiences that one can ever go through. However, sufferers of this condition should be relieved to know that this condition is usually not fatal.

External thrombosed hemorrhoids occur in the vein and not the arteries. Since it only occurs in the veins, the transportation of oxygen and toxins in the body is not affected as a whole. What happens is that toxins from the cells around the hemorrhoids cannot be carried away due to the clot. As a conseuence, they seep into the area of the hemorrhoid. This explains the massive pain.