thrombosed internal hemorrhoids

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Thrombosed internal hemorrhoids occur when internal hemorrhoids swell up and becomes filled with blood. Internal hemorrhoids happens when a blood clot is present in one of the veins inside your rectum. As a result of this, blood will be able to flow into the internal hemorrhoid but it would not be able to get out.

When this happens, things can get very painful. You would want to seek medical help to solve this condition.

If you have these symptoms, you might have thrombosed internal hemorrhoids and you should get it checked by a doctor.

Firstly, you should suspect that you are experiencing thrombosed internal hemorrhoids if you feel a lot of pain in your rectal or anus region. If you discover blood stains on the stool, this should increase your suspicion.  Rectal itching and painful and incomplete bowel movement are among other things that suggests that you might have thrombosed internal hemorrhoids.