thrombosed external hemorrhoids

Stomach colon rectum diagram.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are manifested by the presence of a tender mass in the anus. This is a very painful condition. This condition is also usually coincident with other syptoms such as costipation or diarrhea.

Usually, the patient is put under observation for 48 hours. After the 48 hours, if the patient complains of extreme pain, ulceration and rupture, doctors will usually suggest surgery to remove the thrmobosed external hemorrhoids.

However, if the pain is mild and tolerable,  sitz baths, stool softeners and analgesics are suggested to patients. This is because the patient is showing potential to self heal. Thus, they can save a lot of money by resorting to these solutions.

Some therapeutics such as topical nifedipine is also recommended by experts to cure thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

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